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Our Favourite Superfoods

Here’s a list of our favourite superfoods- the ones we think you should always have in your store cupboards, to make it simple for you if you are just starting out on your superfood journey; The top 11 superfoods in bold (top 10 plus a free…

Pear Varieties

Pears- nutrition and benefits

Pears – many varieties, many nutrition and health benefits Although pear season starts with the arrival of sweet juicy Bartletts in late summer, autumn is the time when there’s an abundance of other varieties. The crisp, crunchy Bosc, the succulent, creamy Comice, the soft, juicy…

pineapple- a powerhouse of health benefits

Pineapple – a powerhouse of health benefits

Pineapple – a Powerhouse of Health Benefits   Pineapple is probably the most popular tropical fruit – after bananas. But unlike bananas, most of us aren’t in the habit of adding them to the weekly shopping list. Maybe it’s because we don’t notice them at the…

white bread

What’s Wrong with White Bread?

What’s wrong with white bread?   We’re used to having white bread around – our children demand it, in restaurants (and schools) it’s often it’s the only option and many of us just can’t seem to resist the appeal of a freshly baked baguette. We…

Avocado Nutrition Facts

Avocados- packed full of nutrients

AVOCADO Avocados sometimes get a bad rap because they are relatively high in fat and calories. But avocados are also a powerful superfood that’s packed full of nutrients. Here are a few facts to remind you why you should be eating them regularly: They help…


Our favourite summer herb- Basil

BASIL Aside from being the main ingredient in pesto, the fragrant leaves of the basil plant can be used to provide delicious seasoning to many other recipes. This versatile herb contains many phytochemicals with important disease preventing and health promoting properties. Basil leaves contain essential…

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