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N.B. Budgets range from 25 Euros per person for a 3 course meal.

Many thanks. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Fantastic food. Good company too !

- L S- Valbonne

Many of us make excuses about eating healthily, even though we know it's by far the best thing to do for ourselves. We say it's too difficult, too time-consuming, too expensive. Melanie and Susan, of The Clever Kitchen dispel these myths and have shown us how to make quick and easy, tasty and inexpensive dishes which are good for our bodies. Thanks for the inspiration and the delicious, healthy food!

- L E -Valbonne

Well done Clever Kitchen ladies! Your lunch was a hit, and I very much appreciated the educational bit (never mind the desserts that I am still digesting!). Thanks again, Deborah

- D A M- Biot

Ladies, I wasn't actually sure what to expect. I found it relaxed and yet well organised. Of course the food was healthy and vegan - I knew that much before I signed-up. What I liked was the difference in attitude - and what I mean by that was none of the ‘knit your own lentil’ holier than thou stuff! You are both refreshingly honest and down to earth and that made it all feel very accessible. You both glow with health which endorses the overall image of what you are eating and selling. Whether we like it or not, it taps in to that aspirational lifestyle type stuff. The food was divine: Vibrant of colour, crunchy of texture, varied in choice and breath-of-fresh-air modern. I have already recommended you to about half a dozen like minded souls and I truly look forward to the next one. I really like what you do.

- D H - Roquefort les Pins

Thanks ladies, todays session was the BEST, such fun and so very informative. I always come away from your sessions buzzing with inspiration and clever ideas. I can’t wait to try the recipes on the family xxx

- A W - Monaco

Just been bowled over by another Clever Kitchen sesh in Monaco. Honestly, I think I know a bit about healthy food but every single time, without fail, I learn something new at these completely brilliant events. You gotta watch these ladies, because they are going to blast off into superfood orbit soon and paint the sky a healthy green with their combined food creativity and knowledge - plus they do it all with great dollops of style and glamour too. I can't rate them highly enough. Every time I love what they create, and every time they inspire me to keep changing old eating habits and show me how to substitute with new ones. Well bloody done girls. Keep powering this rocket, my friends, 'cause you're going all the way to the top!

- L C - Monaco

It was a winter english woman and a french one, started to chat about kids, about the weather, about the cold, about doctors, about nutrition benefits... That's how I met The Clever Kitchen...on a school covered playground 🙂 Every morning it was always only 5 minutes chit-chating and I always learned lots of new things about seeds, honey, spinach. Finally a cup of tea introduced me to The Clever Kitchen project, the website and the Facebook page. And I became addicted to those wonderful recipes, useful tips and nice photos! Since then, The Clever Kitchen has been part of my everyday life! The Clever Kitchen is everywhere, in my phone, in my mails, on printed sheets, in my lasagnas, my juices, my smoothies, my burgers!!! I've never been able to attend one of their workshop because of my work, but I'm pretty sure it is a great moment to share with wonderful people!!! So if I had one "clever" word to is "MERCI" !

- O S – St Jean Cap Ferrat

Made Clever Kitchen's super yummy lentil burgers the other night...mmmmmyyuummmmm! I'm not the handiest in the kitchen, so if I say it wasn't hard, I mean it! It wasn't hard.

- S N - Monaco

I have been eating Lazy Oats breakfast every day since your last workshop on Breakfast Foods. It is so delicious, that despite being a night owl, I am getting up earlier and earlier because I can't wait for breakfast! Besides apples, I have used pears, bananas, papayas, sundried cherries, pine nuts, a bit of turmeric, and nutmeg. Very yummy. And easy. If I hadn't seen how quickly and easily you prepared this, I'm sure I wouldn't have tried it. It is invaluable to actually see how something is prepared. And thank you for providing explicit recipes and the nutritional value of each ingredient. Can't wait till you have another workshop...just hope I'm in town.

- M G – Nice

The Clever Kitchen workshops are one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon, they are informal, innovative and so very informative, I always leave there feeling completely inspired and raring to get the family eating happy healthy meals that I would never have thought of myself. What's more the recipes are always quick and easy and most importantly, foolproof and have been a big hit in our household!

- K E – Monaco
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