Our Favourite Superfoods

Here's a list of our favourite superfoods- the ones we think you should always have in your store cupboards, to make it simple for you if you are just starting out on your superfood journey;

The top 11 superfoods in bold (top 10 plus a free gift of psyllium husk) are the ones you receive when you join our membership scheme, if you buy the food pack as well- if joining us just prior to the start of one of our Lighten Up online programs- in May/June- we will make the substitutions shown below for chlorella and cacao powder.

Coconut Oil - the only oil we use for cooking purposes.

Almond Butter - non allergenic alternative to butter for spreading on toast, putting in smoothies, dipping fruit into

Nutritional yeast – high in B vitamins, which are essential for central nervous system maintenance – and therefore mood

Himalayan Salt - the salt that has the highest mineral content on the planet- used in nearly every recipe we make

Chia Seeds- contain a mega dose of Omega 3 s which most of us have trouble getting enough of in our diet- use in smoothies, puddings, on toast, in salads and breads

Maca powder - a brilliant superfood for boosting your energy and balancing your hormones- we add it to many of our smoothies

Acai powder - packed full of Vitamin C- this is another great powder for adding to smoothies

Hemp protein powder - when you need extra protein in your smoothie this is our 'go to' powder to add

Cacao powder - who doesn't love a bit of chocolate? This powder is the basic powder chocolate is made from but without the added sugar- used in hot drinks, smoothies, and to make healthy delicious chocolate and desserts (replaced by cacao nibs in our Lighten Up pack).

Chlorella Powder - when you want to detox this is the powder you should be adding to your smoothies- the best detoxer on the planet (replaced by green coffee powder in our Lighten Up pack).

Psyllium Husks - these are great for adding fibre and bulk to dishes. We use them in our bread recipes to bind the ingredients together.

Milled Flaxseed- a great protein source- add to smoothies, sauces , soups

Vanilla Bean Powder - a brilliant way to add the sweet taste of vanilla to numerous recipes- the taste is concentrated pure vanilla!

Spirulina Powder - another great greens powder to boost your nutrient content of your smoothies. Has a strong taste so we always recommend neutralising it with pineapple.

Green Coffee Powder- Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. These coffee beans contain a higher amount of the chemical chlorogenic acid. For weight loss, chlorogenic acid in green coffee is thought to affect how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism.

Cacao Nibs- Full of antioxidants, raw organic dark chocolate increases blood flow to the brain so it improves cognitive function. A great low calorie snack for people wanting to lose a couple of kilos but still needing their chocolate fix.

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