Making positive changes to our diet and lifestyle can have a significant impact on resolving many health conditions, both minor and serious. Not to mention many chronic issues we put up with – sometimes for years. At Foodwise the science behind how our body reacts to different foods is explained in a simple and engaging way. We want to empower you with knowledge you need to be pro-active with your health – so you can look and feel great.


Foodwise evolved naturally from Susan’s tireless passion for spreading nutritional awareness. After becoming firmly established as a certified Nutritionist specializing in personalised consultations focusing on clients’ individual issues, she soon recognized the importance of sharing her knowledge with a wider audience. At Foodwise our aim is to make simple, practical, evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle advice available to everyone – regardless of geographical, economical or time limitations.

These days most of us are bombarded by an abundance of often-conflicting information about what we should or shouldn’t eat. As a result we either think we know what ‘healthy eating’ means or we’re so confused we’ve given up trying. Frequently advice is too basic and ‘one size fits all’ and sadly sometimes it’s just plain ‘wrong’. Much of it offers tempting, yet ultimately useless ‘one hit wonder’ or fad solutions. When the ‘science’ gets complicated it can quickly become overwhelming. At Foodwise we base our advice on the fundamental principles of how food influences the way we look, think and feel, combined with the very latest evidenced-based research.

Foodwise focuses on de-bunking diet myths so that weight comes off the right way and stays off, resolving skin problems, digestive issues and food intolerances, avoiding premature aging and offering support with a wide range of challenges including hormonal disorders, mental well-being and immune health.

Just like the Clever Kitchen, Foodwise advocates the use of natural, fresh, local food to create delicious and nutritious meals for family and friends. Our online programs offer solutions to help you resolve health issues of all kinds, by explaining exactly how our food and drink affects our well-being. We remove the complex, yet keep the salient details, thereby increasing your understanding of proper nutrition and providing you with all the tools necessary to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle long term.

What Foodwise offers


Foodwise is a unique website that provides:


  • Online nutritional solutions that are informative, bespoke and engaging. We offer personalized programmes that demystify the role of nutritionist, while providing a dynamic online experience. Input all your details, learn as you go along and receive a full report.
  • Recommendations for specific supplements that are an immediate click away from purchase.
  • Regular blogs and articles on diverse Health subjects and the latest Nutritional News stories.
  • One on one personal consultations with Susan by appointment (Monaco area or Skype) Please contact on:

Foodwise helps you transform your health, your body and your life so why wait for someday’? visit us now on

Susan Foodwise



Susan is the brains of the kitchen. She has had a life long fascination with food and the effect it has on our health – both mental and physical. She brings her scientific knowledge and experience as a certified Nutritionist to The Clever Kitchen – providing the nutritional lowdown and explaining why we need to eat certain foods and avoid others, as well as how different foods benefit and nourish our body and mind.

Susan is a Super mum herself and her desire to instill lifelong healthy eating habits in her four children were the motivation behind her success and expertise in her field. Full immersion in the science of Nutrition has helped make her increasingly aware of the connections between the foods we eat, our personal health and the health of our extended community. Susan enjoys showing people how easy it can be to make healthy, environmentally friendly eating choices that benefit ourselves, our families as well as the planet we all share. Based in Monaco since 2005, she provides personalised one on one consultations and group workshops in schools and businesses, while relentlessly promoting Nutritional awareness to an ever-growing health conscious audience.