Why we should all be going bananas! Banana nutrition facts


Everyone loves a sweet, nutritious banana. They come conveniently wrapped in their own wrapper and make an easy snack when on the run. Aside from eating whole, you can use them to make muffins, bread, smoothies or even ice cream. No need to feel guilty either – the average banana is only 110 calories.

Bananas are especially known as a rich source of potassium. We need plenty of this important mineral for healthy muscle and nerve function, as well as for maintaining the proper balance of fluids in our body. The potassium in bananas can help prevent cramps after exercise.

Like all fruits, bananas also contain lots of vitamin C – one of the key nutrients we need for maintaining a strong immune system. Vitamin C also helps us absorb iron and helps keep our skin in good condition as it’s one of the building blocks for collagen.

Bananas provide our body with a quick, easily digestible source of energy. They are also a source of fibre, which makes us feel fuller longer and helps keep those cravings at bay.

So with all those banana nutritional facts we should definitely all be going bananas.

Here’s a delicious dairy free recipe for banana and coconut ice cream to cool you down during these last days of summer.

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