The Art Of Eating Well – Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley

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The Hemsley sisters, ex models (very photogenic obviously!), regular bloggers on Vogue, very hip in London and in the fashion scene have published their first cookbook- the Art of Eating Well.

We like the book because it is regular food with a healthy twist and the recipes are great. They do a lot of vegetarian, green, raw, but also use meat from time to time.

They are interesting both as inspiration for recipes, and style.

What does it cover?
Much more than you’d think. The Hemsleys are all about healthy eating, but that doesn’t equate to banishing animal fats and counting calories. There’s chia seeds, buckwheat and cauliflower rice aplenty, of course, but they sit happily alongside sausage and cider stew, smoky baked beans and steak with mustard and leeks.

Why is it good?
This is the kind of book that will ease you gently into healthier ways of cooking and eating, as opposed to shaming you into the health food shop.

Who’s it for?
Cooks with good intentions who perhaps fail to maintain steely willpower on a daily basis.

Who isn’t it for?
People allergic to meal planning, or nuts. It’s pretty heavy on both.

Best recipe?
Caramelised garlic tart with almond crust. The go-to green smoothie is a bit of a winner, too.

Anything else?
The menu planning section at the back is well worth a read, with plenty of tips on the best recipes for packed lunches, eating out and even practical Sunday cooking that will see you through the week.

We say
If skin as radiant as H&H’s can be achieved through healthy tweaks to familiar recipes, then count us in.