Tomatoes- nutrition

Tomatoes Nutrition Facts

Tomatoes are a hot topic in health news and nutrition because of their high content of lycopene – the important antioxidant that gives tomatoes their red colour and helps mop up damaging free radicals. Not only does lycopene appear to protect men from prostate cancer and women from breast cancer, studies suggest it may also be effective against cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration and even premature aging of the skin. In addition to the star nutrient lycopene, tomatoes are also high in fibre and loaded with vitamins A, C and K, plus the alkalising mineral potassium. All of these nutrients work together synergistically to boost the effectiveness of lycopene and give you even more reasons to indulge in them now that the season is in full swing.


You’ll find an abundance of fresh, juicy tomatoes everywhere – from cherry tomatoes still on the vine to the deep red Italian pear-shaped ‘Roma’ tomatoes. Add them to salads and remember that the carotenoid nutrients in tomatoes are best absorbed when combined with fat-rich foods like avocados, olive oil and nuts. Make sure you eat tomatoes regularly to get all their nutrition benefits.


Here is one of The Clever Kitchen’s favourite tomato recipes using macadamia nuts and sun dried tomatoes.

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