It’s where the practical aspect of healthy eating meets nutritional enlightenment and concern for our planet.

We take food and nutrition seriously at the Clever Kitchen – but we make it fun!

Melanie Gulliver & Susan Tomassini

Find out how easy it is to prepare amazingly simple, yet highly nutritious recipes using fresh, seasonal produce and Superfoods(*). Get ready for an inspirational and realistic approach to healthy living and discover how small changes can bring big benefits to your health.
The Clever Kitchen knows we all share a common wish – to provide healthy meals, snacks and treats for our families and ourselves.
We also understand that it’s not always easy to make the right eating choices thanks to our busy lives, countless activities and constant exposure to the temptations of convenience foods – not mentioning the confusion surrounding what we should eat and what we shouldn’t!


Our aim at the Clever Kitchen is to make it easier to be healthy, by empowering you with reliable, straightforward information about food and healthy recipes that are practical for life in the real world – and tasty too.


Feel the surge in energy and stamina, focus your mind and embrace a healthier wellbeing – all by introducing some of the planet’s most nutrient dense Superfoods(*) into your daily routine, which are good for you and for the future of our planet.


Susan TomassiniProfessional Nutritionist Susan Tomassini (BSc Hons) brings her scientific knowledge and experience as a licensed nutritionist to The Clever Kitchen – providing the complete nutritional lowdown, explaining which foods we need to eat and which to avoid, as well as how superfoods can benefit our body and mind. Susan recently launched www.foodwise.life – targeted nutrition plans to address every kind of health issue. It’s the online version of a real nutritionist – only when YOU want and for a fraction of the cost.





Melanie GulliverMelanie Gulliver, a chartered accountant by training, uses her knowledge from years of preparing healthy plant based meals for herself and her family, to create inventive, fresh recipes for The Clever Kitchen and to inspire our customers. Always experimenting in her kitchen, Melanie challenges the status quo of accepted ingredients, and looks for ways to make traditional recipes healthier, plant based, and to use superfoods to boost the nutritional benefits of every one.

Clever Kitchen live workshops are informative, interactive and entertaining. Sampling each delicious creation enhances the whole experience. Everyone leaves equipped with recipes, up to the minute nutritional information and newly acquired Superfood knowledge.


Our workshops are held in a relaxed environment – perfect for asking questions, discussing common health concerns and inevitably, socialising.


Regular weekly detox meal deliveries are made on the Cote d’Azur and to Monaco, to support you in your health quest.


We look forward to welcoming you into our Kitchen soon!

(*)What exactly are Superfoods?


Short Definition: Superfoods are foods that are high in health promoting nutrients, low in calories and devoid of harmful additives, common allergens and toxic chemicals.


Longer Definition: Superfoods are foods that are noted for their exceptionally high nutritional value or particular health promoting qualities. Some are everyday foods whose nutritional value is widely recognized and which are normally consumed in significant quantities – like broccoli, kale and berries. Lesser-known, more ‘exotic’ Superfoods are more concentrated and traditionally consumed in much smaller amounts – like hemp powder, maca powder, camu camu and chia seeds.