Cacao Butter

Raw Organic Cacao Butter is the pale yellow, natural fat of the cacao bean. It has a delicate chocolaty flavour and is used to make chocolate, cacao powder and creams. One of the most of nutrient rich and complex foods known to man, raw cacao butter is produced by cold pressing to preserve all its goodness.


Nutritional Benefits
Some experts consider cocoa butter to be the number one antioxidant food and the best of magnesium of any food. It is high in oleic acid – a healthy fat that raises good cholesterol and reduces appetite. Historically, cocoa has been used to treat everything from kidney disorders and liver disease to depression and tickly coughs, but scientists now believe its antioxidants could also help prevent cancers and heart disease, while also increasing blood flow to the brain and fighting dementia.


Raw cacao butter is saturated fat, but healthy in small amounts. Use to make delicious raw chocolate treats and desserts. Cacao butter also makes an amazing body moisturizer.

Store at room temperature.