Himalayan Salt

Recipes Using Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is considered the purest form of salt on the planet. For 250 million it has been protected from impurities and modern day pollution by the lava of the Himalayan Mountains. Salt crystal is made up of mineral particles that are naturally organic and so tiny that they are easily metabolized and used by our cells.


Nutritional Benefits
There are important differences between standard, refined table and cooking salt and natural health-promoting salt. Himalayan salt is 85% sodium chloride – regular table salt has 97.5 (more sodium per serving). The other 15% is composed of 84 mineral elements found naturally in our body. Health benefits associated with these minerals include – improved pH balance in our cells, increased hydration, improved respiratory health, better sleep patterns, stronger bones and improved circulation.


Use in cooking and sprinkle on food to enhance its flavour and add health promoting qualities.